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Committee Meeting Monday Dec. 3

This post is a follow on from my post this morning about HB1110 that would protect our fire department. This information came to me from Donald Pierce: Monday’s State and Local Government Committee Meeting is an important step in this process. It is very important that anyone available please attend the Committee Meeting on Monday […]

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Be a firefighter!

We Wake County residents strongly support Fairview Fire Department because they are members of our own community, serving their own community. As I’ve talked with my neighbors the past few months while working to save Fairview Fire Station #2, I heard testimonial after testimonial about the excellent response of our firefighters, and how they had […]

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Signs of the Times

Hi Wake County friends and neighbors! Here’s one more last-minute preparation item to consider as Hurricane Florence approaches — If you have put up a “Save Fairview Fire Station” sign near your home, you might consider taking it down and putting it inside for the duration of the storm. It probably wouldn’t survive 45 mph […]

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Yes, EMS is stationed at Fairview #2

Mudslinging Unfortunately, Garner Fire Chief Matt Poole threw some mud at the August 16 Fire Commission meeting, accusing Fairview Fire Department board member Ed Brinson of spreading misleading propaganda. He contradicted Mr. Brinson’s statement that there is an EMS ambulance staged out of Fairview Fire Station #2 during peak hours. He also accused Mr. Brinson […]

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More Signs Available

This has already been posted on, but I just wanted to get the word out – there are more Save Fairview Fire Department signs available! You can stop by Fairview Fire Station #2 near the corner of Ten-Ten road and Lake Wheeler Road to pick one up. I stopped by this afternoon (Sunday, August […]

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Safety Last: Questions and Answers

From what I have read recently, it looks like Fire Services Director Nick Campasano is  willing to sacrifice safety to cut costs. After the July 19 The Fire Commission meeting, the Fire Commission member sent a list of questions to Director Campasano. This document has those questions, with answers from Director Campasano (underlined), answers from […]

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