Volunteers Still Needed!

One of the frequent topics of conversation at Wake County Fire Commission meetings has been the need to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters. Spectrum Local News recently conducted interviews with people from Fairview Fire Department on how important volunteers are to us and what it is like to volunteer. Here is the link to the […]

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Hi Wake County friends! Back in January I was appointed a citizen representative on the Wake County Fire Services Administrative Committee, which has been tasked with drafting a long-range plan. I’d like to give you all an update on what I’ve been doing since that time. But first, a disclaimer: This is not an official […]

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Citizen Representative

Hi neighbors – I just got back from the January fire commission meeting that I posted about yesterday. There was quite an unexpected development at this meeting: I’ve been appointed to be a member of the Fire Commission Administrative Sub-Committee that will draft Wake County’s long-range fire services plans. The Administrative Committee is required to […]

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January 2019 Fire Comission Meeting

Hi neighbors, there is a Wake County Fire Commission meeting tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 17) at 7:00PM at the Emergency Medical Services Education Center, 221 South Rogers Lane, Raleigh. I plan to be there. Some of you requested that I let know when the next meeting is, so this your notification! This is different than the […]

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Planning Process Begins

Hi friends and neighbors served by Fairview Fire Department – HB1110 is dead. It passed in the house but was shut down in the senate. Here is another article in the N&O about the bill and how much the county hated it. HB1110 was a long shot. I supported it because no one offered us […]

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Update on HB1110

I hope my neighbors are all staying warm and safe as we deal with snow, slush, and ice. I wanted to give you an update on HB1110 and the prospects for long-term protection of our Fairview fire stations. This article on WRAL.com tells the story of the up-and-down drama we went through last week. At […]

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Report and Call to Action

I was able to break away from work at the last second and attend the legislative committee meeting this afternoon at 3:00PM. The room was packed full. The majority of the people during the public comments time were against HB1110, unfortunately. I think that is due to the short notice. I know a lot of […]

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Reasons for Discontent

If at all possible I plan to be at Committee Meeting today at 3:00PM in room 423 of the Legislative Offfice building (300 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh). It’s a terribly inconvenient time for me. I have no vacation time left this year, so the time I take off from work will have to be made […]

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