Citizen Representative

Hi neighbors – I just got back from the January fire commission meeting that I posted about yesterday. There was quite an unexpected development at this meeting: I’ve been appointed to be a member of the Fire Commission Administrative Sub-Committee that will draft Wake County’s long-range fire services plans. The Administrative Committee is required to […]

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January 2019 Fire Comission Meeting

Hi neighbors, there is a Wake County Fire Commission meeting tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 17) at 7:00PM at the Emergency Medical Services Education Center, 221 South Rogers Lane, Raleigh. I plan to be there. Some of you requested that I let know when the next meeting is, so this your notification! This is different than the […]

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Planning Process Begins

Hi friends and neighbors served by Fairview Fire Department – HB1110 is dead. It passed in the house but was shut down in the senate. Here is another article in the N&O about the bill and how much the county hated it. HB1110 was a long shot. I supported it because no one offered us […]

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Update on HB1110

I hope my neighbors are all staying warm and safe as we deal with snow, slush, and ice. I wanted to give you an update on HB1110 and the prospects for long-term protection of our Fairview fire stations. This article on tells the story of the up-and-down drama we went through last week. At […]

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Report and Call to Action

I was able to break away from work at the last second and attend the legislative committee meeting this afternoon at 3:00PM. The room was packed full. The majority of the people during the public comments time were against HB1110, unfortunately. I think that is due to the short notice. I know a lot of […]

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Reasons for Discontent

If at all possible I plan to be at Committee Meeting today at 3:00PM in room 423 of the Legislative Offfice building (300 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh). It’s a terribly inconvenient time for me. I have no vacation time left this year, so the time I take off from work will have to be made […]

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