Planning Process Begins

Hi friends and neighbors served by Fairview Fire Department –

HB1110 is dead. It passed in the house but was shut down in the senate. Here is another article in the N&O about the bill and how much the county hated it.

HB1110 was a long shot. I supported it because no one offered us anything better for our long-term protection. We’re back to plan A, which is eternal vigilance, keeping an eye on what our county leaders plan to do and determining in advance how it affects us. And, it turns out, this very week they are beginning that planning process!

This Thursday, January 3, there will be a Fire Commission Work Session. Here is a link to the Public Meetings calendar that gives the time and place of the meeting. It’s at the same place as the previous Fire Commission meetings. The calendar says the meeting goes from 5pm to 9pm, but I’m hoping it doesn’t last quite that long! Because I’ll be there, taking notes.

The only reason I’m going is to help my neighbors and try to look out for our common interests. Many of you have expressed your thanks, and I appreciate that. I invite those who can to come attend also. That would send a helpful message to our county leaders and result in more of us being informed on what is going on and how our county government works. Plus, it’s less boring with friends. 🙂

Update: Here is the agenda for the meeting:

Long Range Planning Workshop
Validation of Perceptions
Defining roles and responsibilities
Where is the Fire Tax District headed in the future?
What are the guiding principles moving forward to be decided?
Other information to be considered in long range planning
Identify challenges moving forward
Wrap up

Adjournment, Next Meeting January 17, 2019

I wish you all the best in 2019.

Your friend,

David H

8 thoughts on “Planning Process Begins

    1. I attended the Fire Commission meeting Thursday night and took several pages of notes. When I get a chance (probably tomorrow) I’ll post a blog with my impressions of the meeting, and what I learned.


  1. If you haven’t already, please read my latest blog post:

    Basically, I’m now on the fire commission administrative sub-committee and will be meeting with them every month for the next several months helping draft the Wake County fire services long-range plan. I’ll be meeting with them this Wednesday afternoon. I’ll post here on my blog from time to time on what we’re doing. I’m just now getting started on the whole process.


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