Quick Action to Preserve our Future

We citizens of Wake County had a narrow escape in Summer of 2018 when county employees attempted to push through a plan to shut down our Fairview Fire Station #2. Only because hundreds of you came support our fire station at the August 16 fire commission meeting were we able to make them slow down their plan and “study” it some more.

Now we have a chance to protect the future of our fire station, but we need to act quickly. There is a bill before the state legislature, HB1110, which would make Ten Ten Fire District, containing Fairview Fire Stations #1 and #2, independent from the county. It would allow us to raise and keep our own fire tax dollars, instead of sending them all to the county and then get only a portion back (they keep about $200,000 back from us.) It would allow us to determine our own destiny and remove us from the shadow of threat of county employees who want to shut down our fire station and decrease our fire service protection.

Please see this document for more info on HB1110 and contact the legislators listed in that document to support your local fire station! Legislators will be looking at this Monday, December 3, so time is of the essence.

This is a very positive development. With your support, by Christmas we could have protection in place to shield us from our county employees who want to shut down our fire station. Please make yourselves heard to our NC legislators.

Thanks, your neighbor, David

UPDATE: It would really help for supportive citizens to show up for the legislative committee meeting Monday December 3!

9 thoughts on “Quick Action to Preserve our Future

  1. I saw this on the News last night — CBS 17, I think. Some questions came to mind when I heard the news and after reading this notice and the attached bill, I still have a few questions. 1. What kind of tax are we talking about? I mean, is it a tax in addition to the taxes we already pay? 2. My biggest question has to do with coverage. If my property falls under the protection of Fairview, what happens if Fairview is busy or unavaliable? And vice versa — what happens if someone outside the Fairview zone needs assistance because Wake or Garner or Holly Springs, etc are buisy or unavailable? I’m not sure these questions are addressed in this bill, or they are not clear enough for me to support it yet. (I hope I made sense)


    1. Thanks for the questions. I had the same question about the tax, whether it would be in addition to the fire tax we already pay. I emailed Donald Pierce about it, and this was his reply:

      “As for the tax question, this bill would mandate that all fire tax collected in the Ten-Ten district (Fairview) stays here. You would see no difference in the way it’s invoiced or collected but payments would be made from the county directly to Fairview for all those taxes, minus a small processing fee of around 3%. This is normal and is what used to happen prior to today’s design.”

      As for what happens when Fairview firefighters are busy responding to another call, etc., we already have that situation right now, and they have a system in place to handle it. 911 calls are handled at the county level and are routed by them. They send the call to the closes available unit, without regard to territory. The different fire departments help each other out all the time right now, and that wouldn’t change. It says so right in HB1110: “Nothing in this act is intended to prevent the Wake County Fire Commission from contracting with the Fire Protection District Commission established by Section 2 of this act regarding fire protection in areas outside the boundary of the Fairview fire protection district or the provision of services other than fire protection.”

      Please let me know if this answers your questions. If I can’t answer a question I’ll try to track down someone who can.

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  2. As former lobbyist, I have these questions:

    – Is the entire Wake delegation of the General Assembly behind this bill? If not, it is not likely to pass (unless partisan politics plays a role–Rep. Nelson, who lost, sponsored, so they might push through for him). Need to ask and report back.

    -the Wake Delegation will rarely go against what Wake County Commissioners want. Where do they stand? Please report back.

    – is League of Municipalities lobbying against? Has anyone asked? Please report back.

    – As sponsor, Nelson Dollar should know all this. What does he say? Has anyone reached him?

    – the numbers given are office numbers–which might not get. Anyone have home numbers for Dollar, Wake Delegation, Wake Commissioners?

    –What about the local gov’t committee chair? What does he plan to do?

    – I assume that if tabled in committee, it will still be alive for next session?

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    1. Our understanding is that if the bill is tabled in committee during this special session, it will still be alive for the next session.

      I know that Wake County employees – the same ones that wanted to shut down our fire station – are against this. That’s why we’re asking for protection from a higher level of government. I was not at all pleased with Wake County Fire Services director Nick Campasano’s response to our concern about increased fire service response times – he doesn’t care. That’s why we need help.

      Let’s not be over-pessimistic before this even comes up in committee. We don’t get anything if we don’t ask. I like the advice that was posted by Lark Burford on nextdoor.com:

      – it couldnt hurt to contact committee members, too, since none are from Wake. The Chair is Carl Ford, office phone 919-733-5881.

      – It could be good to GO to that committee meeting. If a lot commit to going, you could get fire hats to wear or something else visual, and tell tv station you are, and better chance they will show. At least wear a sticker showing support. Get there early, and TALK to members.Then wander building and find our Wake Delegation, talk to or leave specific message. This is a great way to see your state government in action. Parking almost right across street.

      My next blog post will give more details about that committee meeting on Monday.

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