Be a firefighter!


We Wake County residents strongly support Fairview Fire Department because they are members of our own community, serving their own community. As I’ve talked with my neighbors the past few months while working to save Fairview Fire Station #2, I heard testimonial after testimonial about the excellent response of our firefighters, and how they had been there for them in their times of need. Although Fairview Fire Department has had many new volunteers sign up this year, they are still looking for more!


Would you like to serve your community? Have you considered being a firefighter? Read this flyer and call the number listed there, 919-362-8445, to learn more!

Think about this: Why do our Fairview firefighters continue to do potentially dangerous and difficult work year after year on a volunteer basis? From what I have seen, it’s because they have good leadership, they are a good group of people to be around, and they know they are vital to our community. I salute them.


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