Slides from the Community Meeting

Former Fairview Fire Chief Donald Pierce has sent me the slides from his excellent presentation at the August 9 community meeting. Also, here is a link to an audio recording of the entire meeting. Knowledge is power! Please empower yourself by reading this information and becoming informed on the issues.

My brief summary of these linked slides: The proposed shutdown of Fairview Fire Station #2 represents an attempt to grab $500,000 per year from taxes paid by citizens in the county’s unincorporated areas and give it to the Town of Garner, resulting in worse emergency service to our county citizens.

There are more things we need to know about the proposed station shutdown in addition to what is in these slides. My next few posts will explain more why we should save Fairview Fire Station #2 and how we can do it. The topics will include:

To get notification when these posts are ready, just click the follow button in the bottom-right corner of the window (if you don’t see it, scroll backwards a little and it should appear.)

Also, thank you to many people who have requested “Save Fairview Fire Department” signs. We are currently (Saturday, August 11) out of signs but have placed an order for more. Please follow this website to get notified when more signs arrive.

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