Quick Impressions of the Community Meeting

This evening I attended the community meeting at Fairview Baptist Church and got a whole lot more information about the proposed closing of Fairview Fire Station #2. The hundreds of attendees gave me the sense that the community strongly supports their fire station. Former chief Donald Pierce gave an excellent presentation. Update: the slides and audio recording of the community meeting are now available.
I want to especially thank NC State Representative Nelson Dollar for attending, and for his pledge of support for our cause. He said he would also come to the August 16 meeting of the Fire Commission to show his support for our fire station.

Fairview Fire Chief Barry Spain gave me a note and asked me to post it on this website:

What you saw tonight, was the voice of a community. A concerned community, with voices that deserve the right to be heard.

This is a community, coming together, to demonstrate how much they want, and deserve, the same fire protection and EMT care as any other community in Wake County.

I want to thank each and every one who continue to support the Fairview Fire Department and the community that we serve.

I thank you, and the Fairview Fire Department thanks you.

Chief Barry Spain


P.S. I gave out about 70 signs at the meeting, all the ones that I had except for a handful that have already been promised to individuals. Clearly we need to make some more signs! Two people came up to me and offered to pay for printing another batch. I’ll keep you posted.

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3 thoughts on “Quick Impressions of the Community Meeting

  1. A great meeting this evening. While public comments will not be allowed at the August 16th meeting of the Fire Commission, will tasteful signs in support of Fairview #2 be allowed?


  2. I emailed all the County Commissioners last night. At 4:25 am, I was included in an email from Sig Hutchinson suggesting “Nick or David, Do ya’ll want to respond here.” Later this morning Nick Campassano responded to the Commissioner and I was included in the email chain. So as of yet, no one has directly responded to me. Mr. Campasano responded to the Commissioner that fire response time to the Blaney Farms subdivision would increase from 3 minutes to 7 minutes under the new scenario. He also quoted times for response of an ALS Paramedic unit which did not refer to Fairview #2 services. Here he was quoting times from Fuquay-Varina vs the new Garner station.


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