Knowledge is Power

I owe a lot to Doug Smith. Without his post on, I never would have known about the July 19 meeting of the Fire Commission. Doug was kind enough to send me an electronic copy of the document he handed out at that meeting. It includes two colored maps indicating what the effect on emergency response driving time would be if they shut down Fairview Fire Station #2. Please read the document. It is packed with relevant information.

Speaking of the need for information, I read in the May 2018 interim financial statement for Wake County that the county collected $25.4 million dollars from the Fire Tax District last year, and had collected $25.9 million dollars this fiscal year as of the date of that report (their fiscal year ends June 30.) Does anyone reading this blog know where I can find a breakdown of where all that money went? Please use the contact page to send me links and information so I can share it with the interested public. Thanks!

Update: Doug came through again with a link to the slides from the April Fire Commission meeting detailing their planned expenses for the coming year. Fun fact: The Wake County Fire District 2019 budget has a planned $1.24 million deficit, which they plan to make up with a tax increase. This might be a good time to let our officials know that it makes financial sense to keep the fire station we already have instead of paying Garner to build a new, expensive one.

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