Save Fairview Fire Station #2!

For over 55 years, Fairview Fire Department has been here for the citizens of Wake County NC, fighting fires, helping out in storms and natural disasters, and saving lives. Now it’s our turn to help them in their time of need.

How Can I Help?

What is this all about?

An attempt is being made to shut down Fairview Fire Station #2 and to force us to contract with the city of Garner for our emergency services instead. We who have benefited from the exemplary service of Fairview Fire Department have several concerns about this, including:

  • We only found out about it accidentally; the intent was for it to become a “done deal” before we were aware. (If it weren’t for, our neighborhood social media site, they might have succeeded.) This violates the principle of transparency in government.
  • This proposal is financially irresponsible. It involves shutting down an efficient, well run fire station that enjoys excellent volunteer support, is on almost-free land ($104/year) and has good buildings, and instead using our county tax dollars to purchase expensive land in Garner, build an expensive new building, and staff it with non-volunteers. (Garner is reducing their volunteer firefighter force.)
  • There are cheaper, better alternatives, such as expanding the existing Fairview fire station to handling the growing areas. The county has not considered any alternatives.
  • Emergency response times for many people would get worse.
  • The fire insurance rating for many businesses, churches, and individuals would become worse.
Flooding on Manor Ridge Drive during Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Fairview Fire Department provided heroic service to Wake County residents during this disaster.

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